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Fast, affordable delivery of all the world’s charts, always available, always up-to-date…automatically

IP‑MobileCast CHARTlink: Electronic Charting and More

CHARTlink service satisfies the mandatory ENC chart updating requirements coming into effect for all SOLAS vessels, by multicasting the entire global chart database on a weekly basis. From shore, you’ll be able to confirm that the update has arrived on each ship by consulting our File Services portal for connectivity management. That’s a lot more reliable and convenient than using a courier service…and that’s not all it offers.

Pay-as-you-sail convenience

For Pay as You Sail (PAYS) licensing, global chart updating is especially valuable as it maintains charts outside of your routine trading region that you normally wouldn’t attend to. This kind of coverage would be prohibitively expensive under a standard VSAT contract. With CHARTlink, we send the equivalent of global-scale DVDs to every subscriber, every week.

Vessel tracking for PAYS compliance – a built-in bonus from mini-VSAT Broadband

KVH offers a vessel tracking service that satisfies PAYS requirements for license payments. We provide your ship position data to your chart agent without you needing to install tracking equipment. Vessel positions are monitored by the GPS sensor built into every mini-VSAT Broadband antenna, for a flat monthly fee.

Collaborating with industry leaders C‑MAP and ChartCo to multicast electronic charts and more

Electronic charting has gone from being an innovation to being the law. All commercial ships over a specified tonnage are required to use electronic charts by 2018 in a phased rollout that started in 2012

Delivered by KVH IP-MobileCast

That’s why we are working with C‑MAP and ChartCo to offer you CHARTlink to facilitate compliance for your fleet. Get the details on how our CHARTlink partners have integrated IP‑MobileCast into their offering.

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ECDIS Timeline - Maritime safety

ECDIS Timeline: Each class of vessel has a different deadline for meeting the ECDIS mandate.

IP‑MobileCast has enabled maritime industry innovators to radically simplify how maritime customers get the critical chart and position data they need

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