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The long distance dilemma

Rich selection of entertainment content

Your superyacht probably hosts several entertainment systems, each with its pros and cons. For example, our TracVision system does a great job of providing satellite TV anywhere within a provider’s footprint. When you travel outside of that region, it goes silent.

But isn’t travelling why you own a superyacht in the first place?

An entertainment solution for everywhere and anytime

If your horizons extend beyond the reach of your satellite TV system, then you need IP-MobileCast for Superyachts. You’ll enjoy our specially curated media library, updated continuously by your TracPhone antenna without any intervention on your part. It just happens. View it on iOS and Android apps which are free for your guests, and on your flat screen TVs driven by KVH Set-top boxes. The design and responsiveness of our user interface makes it easy and fun to switch between media types or to swipe-surf from channel to channel.

The Superyacht Media Server brings it all onboard

Superyacht entertainment system

At the heart of IP‑MobileCast lies the Superyacht Media Server, presenting hundreds of movies, TV episodes, and music tracks from the moment you plug it in.

It’s compatible with any TracPhone VIP-series antenna for continual content updating in the background, without any stewardship on your part.

The Media Server is a serious performer. It can stream different programs to you and each of your guests simultaneously. It supports our free iOS and Android apps, and the KVH set-top box for flat screen TV. Four swappable 1 TB hard drives are mounted in a RAID array for studio-quality data backup and protection, all without the least amount of configuration by you.

Interested in providing basic safety training to your crew?

The Basic Training Package is a collection of 20 essential videos on seamanship that every crew member on any kind of vessel should view and understand.

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Traing Matters Basic Package Collection
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