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KVH IP-MobileCast delivers data to leading onboard weather, ECDIS systems, and other operations applications for faster, more automated and accurate results.

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The evolution of the superyacht bridge

As superyachts grow in size and sophistication, and as the world’s merchant fleet modernizes, superyacht bridges are coming to resemble those of their big brothers. It starts in school. Superyacht captains and officers graduate from maritime academies where they are trained on commercial ship bridge simulators. Most of the leading commercial maritime systems and software are now available to superyachts. It’s similar to the trend in aviation, where private jets use the same navigation and weather systems as their commercial counterparts. We and others have concluded that anything less than a professional-grade solution is frankly inadequate for a superyacht.

Onboard access to movies and TV

The maritime operations ecosystem

The commercial maritime industry is led by a few respected and expert businesses. Typically, their executives are former deck officers and captains who have transitioned to land and are devoting a second career to improving the safety and efficiency of ship operations at sea. They bring sophisticated applications to market and support them globally, 24/7, as customers and maritime regulations demand. Their seamanship, expertise and commitment to their core business make them ideal superyacht solution providers.

At KVH, we’re selecting and collaborating with a network of these category leaders in charting, meteorology and training, with other specialties to follow. We challenge them to design better services, unrestrained by satellite communications bandwidth limitations. We uncork the communications bottleneck with our IP‑MobileCast multicasting technology. We also provide the file transport programming interface, and the onboard file server where our operations partners find their data.

All of this is directly relevant to the comfort of your family, friends and guests while onboard your yacht. While the oceans are a wonderful playground, they must always be treated with respect and seamanship. For that reason, your officers should have best-of-class professional applications, provisioned with timely, high resolution data at their fingertips.

What if the same technology that provides entertainment content could be leveraged to deliver high-resolution operations data?

Preloaded media server for yachts

IP-MobileCast content delivery service is designed for that very purpose: to bring you the content you need, from the leading partners you prefer, via a delivery platform unlike any other in the maritime industry today.

With IP MobileCast, you can:

  • Receive weekly electronic chart updates automatically with CHARTlink
  • Benefit from high-resolution weather data delivered throughout the day, to pick sunny and pleasant destinations, with FORECASTlink
  • Ensure that every crew member has the training to protect life and vessel with TRAININGlink
  • CHARTlink - seafarers support
  • WEATHERlink - updated weather data for mariners
  • TRAININGlink - maritime education and training services
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