The Basic Training Package is a collection of 20 essential videos on seamanship that every crewmember on any kind of vessel should view and understand.

We selected these titles from the 950-program Videotel on Demand training library. In essence, they are Videotel’s must-see twenty. Each video is a concise, effective and memorable introduction to topics such as personal survival series, firefighting, coping with hazardous weather and emergencies in enclosed spaces. Use them to orientate new crew and to keep your officers up to date with the latest regulations.

As a bonus, the subscription package includes Videotel’s program Training Matters free of charge!

Subscription to the 20-video Basic Training Package with unlimited viewing onboard is just US$195/month (minimum 1 year contract).

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Basic Training Package

Crew can watch the videos together in common areas or individually when they have free time.

Basic Training Package Titles

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Check out the datasheet for more details about the TRAININGlink for Videotel Basic Training Package

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How are the videos delivered?

The videos are delivered by IP-MobileCast – a service for transmitting very large content files to ships at sea over the KVH mini-VSAT Broadband space link. It’s the same method that we used to broadcast the 2014 FIFA World Cup final match live, and to distribute an Ebola safety video created by Videotel free of charge to all of our IP-MobileCast subscribers.

What’s required?

The Basic Training Package is available to subscribers of any IP-MobileCast Entertainment package or any mini-VSAT customer with a KVH Media Server. The videos are delivered to your TracPhone antenna and stored on your KVH Media Server for viewing on TVs, iOS and Android devices an unlimited number of times. They’ll be found under TRAININGlink in the Video on Demand listing of IP-MobileCast, alongside MOVIElink, TVlink, MUSIClink, SPORTSlink and NEWSlink.

Please allow up to 15 days for all twenty videos to be delivered to your Media Server.