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Movies, sports, and TV for maritime crew entertainment

Onshore, you and your crew use mobile devices to view everything from emails and messages to breaking news, sports highlights, and even movies and TV shows. But at sea, heavy use of the Internet can be prohibitively expensive. Streaming video isn’t practical or affordable. So what’s the answer to getting the latest content to entertain the crew off watch?

Simply, IP‑MobileCast.

Unmatched, affordable maritime news & entertainment – IP‑MobileCast

IP‑MobileCast uses multicast technology to deliver an astounding amount of the latest movies, TV shows, print and TV news, worldwide sports highlights, and music, all available through an on-demand video library and through KVH's exclusive “live TV” program guide ideal for onboard areas where crew congregate. Unlike competitive solutions that only offer new content weekly, monthly, or bi-annually, with IP-MobileCast, content is constantly being refreshed. Sports highlights and print and TV news in over 12 languages are updated daily. Using a Wi-Fi or physical network connection, crew can choose between watching content on a laptop, computer or iOS/Android device anytime/anywhere onboard or can enjoy programming together on the ship’s flat screen TVs in common areas.

IP-MobileCast "Live TV" Program Guide

Stand out from your competition for crew recruitment and retention

With IP-MobileCast, you choose the assortment of content that’s right for your crew: the news they want most…and in their own language; the sports teams they follow; and the TV and movies that will keep everyone entertained. Access to these choices makes being onboard seem a little closer to life on land and helps to keep crew morale high. Reasonable access to entertainment is part of Maritime Labor Convention-2006 (MLC). In today’s competitive environment, access to updated news, sports, and entertainment will set your business apart from those operations that don’t provide such services, and will help with crew recruitment and retention.

Crew receives daily news content in 12 native languages:

TRAININGlink Basic Training Package

Exclusive to IP‑MobileCast, the Basic Training Package is a collection of 20 essential videos on seamanship that every crewmember on any kind of vessel should view and understand…

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Traing Matters Basic Package Collection

We’ve engineered IP‑MobileCast to the entertainment industry’s satisfaction to address digital rights management (DRM), which is a recognized, entertainment industry way of safeguarding copyrighted movies, TV programs, news, and music. IP‑MobileCast uses proprietary software that not only makes the multicasting delivery possible, it also encodes the files so they are protected during transmission. When the files reach the vessel, the onboard server automatically unlocks the content to which the vessel has subscribed.

With IP‑MobileCast, management can rest assured knowing the crew is legally watching the content they are enjoying onboard!

A streaming powerhouse

entertainment media for the fleet

Designed as the heart of the entertainment content for IP‑MobileCast, the KVH Media Server for fleet entertainment facilitates digital rights management (DRM) of the copyrighted movies, TV programs, news, and music content. It is a media powerhouse that can stream different videos to 50 viewing devices onboard at the same time, giving users lightning fast delivery of content to their devices! Additionally, the Media Server supports iOS and Android systems to ensure that the content can be seen on the digital devices so prevalent on ships today as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture gains popularity.

KVH Media Group is a leading provider of licensed content to the maritime industry with more than 60 years' experience in providing content to a wide range of sectors.

KVH Media Group’s NEWSlink provides digital newspapers for merchant vessels and cruise ships; MOVIElink and TVlink provide new-release Hollywood movies and television programs; SPORTSlink provides sports highlights and video clips from around the world; and MUSIClink provides a variety of music channels onboard. Our entertainment industry experts are continually obtaining updated content to ensure IP-MobileCast delivers programming that your crew members will want to see.

IP-MobileCast, your maritime entertainment solution
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