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WEATHERlink - Multicasting weather data for mariners

High-resolution, global-scale weather forecasts transmitted up to 4 times per day for safety, efficiency and operational cost control

Clearer skies ahead for ship captains – introducing IP‑MobileCast FORECASTlink

Weather data is the foundation for advanced services such as route planning, route optimization for fuel savings, port of arrival scheduling, parametric roll avoidance, ship performance analysis, and many operational KPIs. While the data available to meteorologists onshore has exploded, only a tiny fraction is being transmitted to ships because the data costs are simply too high. Meteorological agencies work around the problem by running calculations onshore and sending brief summaries and coarse data to ships at sea. But it’s better to send the high-resolution data to officers at sea, allowing them to optimize routes in parallel with shoreside routers, or on their own. The officers’ awareness of the real conditions and of ship-specific factors are key to selecting the best route to take.

Weather data – the key resource for voyage optimization and mariners’ safety

Route optimization is of paramount importance for maritime safety and the bottom line profitability of each and every voyage. New MARPOL regulations limit greenhouse gas emissions from ships, which now travel at slower speeds, and use high cost, low sulfur fuel in Emission Control Areas (ECA). These complicating factors can only be resolved with optimization software.

Enter IP‑MobileCast FORECASTlink. High-resolution weather data and voyage planning services can be quickly and affordably delivered via FORECASTlink. Updated up to four times a day, this rich data will be of great value to help ship officers optimize their voyage plans.

Keep a weather eye open – with IP‑MobileCast’s FORECASTlink

FORECASTlink’s advantages cascade through all aspects of onboard operations

Officers shouldn’t have to shrink down the region that they download to save on data costs. A continental-sized view of the weather to the west of the ship’s position is vital to spotting and tracking incoming weather systems over the next few days and to evaluating the output from a route optimization program. FORECASTlink solves this problem by transmitting high-resolution, global-scale data up to four times a day so there’s no waiting for weather data to trickle in. Onboard weather rendering and route optimization applications can auto-load the new data set, meaning that the user can consult the weather picture without first having to send an update request and waiting for it to be fulfilled. Fresh data is always on display and can be used for a multitude of applications onboard.

Partnering with industry leader StormGeo to multicast weather forecasting and ship routing data

FORECASTlink content delivery is a reality for your fleet, combining StormGeo’s unmatched content with KVH’s unmatched multicast delivery technology. All installed KVH TracPhone VIP series systems support this new service.

Get the details on how StormGeo, our first FORECASTlink partner, has integrated IP‑MobileCast into their offering.

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Delivered by KVH IP-MobileCast

IP‑MobileCast's one‑to‑many multicasting technology enables weather and voyage data to be delivered to vessels fast and affordably, in high‑resolution, and on a global scale