Entertainment for OFF Watch

If you could offer your crew affordable up-to-the minute news and entertainment with lightning fast delivery onboard, wouldn’t you? How about Basic Training that they could watch on their own personal devices or on a common room TV? Learn about our unique, on-demand entertainment and training services.

News, Entertainment & Training

Critical Data for ON Watch

KVH is partnering with the maritime industry’s leading application providers to take their solutions to the next level. Build on your fleet efficiency initiatives with us.


IP‑MobileCast Technology Does it ALL Affordably!

There’s a world of important data out there – a lot that you need and a lot that you want. IP‑MobileCast delivers large files to ships affordably, by using groundbreaking mobile broadband technology.


Watch the IP-MobileCast Overview

I would like to thank you for the KVH system we now have onboard, especially the new Media Server and IP-MobileCast service. Everyone onboard is enjoying the possibilities.

For me it is a miracle and I never expected this was technically possible. I’d like to thank you and the company for making this possible for us.

– Gert Reitsema, Master, Iver Exact