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The reality of business at sea

Some jobs are more challenging than others

Your hours are 0000 – 2400, and you rarely leave the office.

Your “office” is in motion – it’s a vessel that needs to reach its destination on schedule and in compliance with important regulations. One of your biggest needs is updated electronic charts, as mandated by SOLAS. Chart database files are huge, however, and you need an affordable solution. The answer: IP‑MobileCast’s CHARTlink.

Your mobile office is stocked with inventory worth millions.

Its value would plunge if you were to suffer a mishap or delay. You burn some 100 tons of fuel per day. To minimize environmental damage, you switch to a higher grade of fuel within 200 miles of certain coastlines. You follow complicated procedures to do so without harming your engine. To optimize your voyage, you need continually updated, high-resolution weather forecasts that don’t break the budget: IP‑MobileCast’s FORECASTlink.

Your life depends on the safety training of everyone onboard.

You know the importance of high-quality training. With updated information and certifications, your crew can bring operations to a new level. Even more importantly, training is crucial to keeping everyone safe. Bring training right onboard: IP‑MobileCast’s TRAININGlink.

Your fleet's crews rely on the messages that matter most

Now you can reach your seafarers with company-specific media quickly, easily, and affordably. What once required weeks or months to ship DVDs or flash drives now takes only a matter of days as you can now multicast your content directly to your vessels for viewing on TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets using IP-MobileCast's YOURlink.

IP‑MobileCast On Watch

The maritime industry supports an ecosystem of specialized consultancies. Each brings a sophisticated application to the market. The most ambitious aspire to solve the grand problem – improving fleet efficiency. But how? Enter IP‑MobileCast.

IP-MobileCast - multicasting weather data for mariners

What if one service could provide all of the content you need to keep your operation at the top of its game – and do it affordably?

IP‑MobileCast content delivery service is designed for that very purpose: to bring you the content you need, from the leading partners you prefer, via a delivery platform unlike any other in the maritime industry today. With IP‑MobileCast, you can:

  • Receive updated charts automatically at the bridge, so your ECDIS system is always in compliance – with CHARTlink
  • Benefit from high-resolution weather data delivered throughout the day, so your route optimization programs can save you time and money – with FORECASTlink
  • Ensure that every crew member has the training to protect life, vessel and cargo – with TRAININGlink
  • Multicast your company's custom media content from you to your fleet – with YOURlink

Our mini-VSAT Broadband, IP‑MobileCast platform manages the delivery of all the content you need. It makes leading applications more effective in your real world.

The urgent priority is to move application data to your fleet. Our multicast data pathways deliver far more detailed and timely content than was previously thinkable. And IP‑MobileCast is perfectly integrated with the workflow of our partners’ industry-leading applications. Check out the operations services KVH will offer via IP‑MobileCast.

  • CHARTlink - seafarers support
  • WEATHERlink - updated weather data for mariners
  • TRAININGlink - maritime education and training services
Delivered by KVH IP-MobileCast