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TRAININGlink - Maritime safety information and seafarer training

Multicast entire training courses and time-sensitive updates to ships at sea. Synchronize training schedules and crew test scores from ships to your office via the cloud

IP‑MobileCast TRAININGlink delivers rich training material directly to your ships at sea

The best place for most training is onboard. That's where the machinery and equipment are, where the crew has time to study and officers can supervise. But until now, it’s been very hard to deliver the training to the ship. With IP-MobileCast, we multicast gigabytes of training material to your ships for free without using your airtime plan’s data or affecting the performance of your mini-VSAT Broadband connection.

TRAININGlink partner Videotel updates its huge, 900-title course catalog frequently to account for regulatory changes, new equipment, new operational practices and client requests. TRAININGlink allows Videotel to jump from semi-annual to continual course updating. The result isn’t merely a point savings in time and money, but an entirely new, more agile content development process that will directly benefit you and your crew. And good riddance to the cost and hassle of DVD couriers.

TRAININGlink – taking training distribution methods from the 1980s to today

TRAININGlink Basic Training Package

Exclusive to IP‑MobileCast, the Basic Training Package is a collection of 20 essential videos on seamanship that every crewmember on any kind of vessel should view and understand…

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Traing Matters Basic Package Collection

Partnering with Videotel, a producer of high-quality training films and e‑Learning services

KVH has acquired leading maritime training service producer Videotel, a market-leading provider of training films, computer-based training, and e‑Learning courses, to offer an extensive library of seafarer training courses and related training services for the commercial maritime industry.

VideotelDelivered by KVH IP-MobileCast
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IP‑MobileCast has enabled two maritime industry innovators to join forces to provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art training and e-learning solutions for seafarers and shipping companies worldwide.