CHARTlink - maritime safety information

Reach your seafarers with company-specific media quickly, easily, and affordably while enabling everyone onboard to watch via the TV in common areas, or from their own tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

IP-MobileCast’s YOURlink service makes the power of multicasting available for delivering your company’s custom media.

YOURlink, an optional service of the KVH IP‑MobileCast content delivery service, enables your business to share proprietary media files with every vessel in your fleet.

Transmission is by multicast protocol over unused bandwidth to avoid data contention and ruinous data fees. What once required weeks or months of shipping time for DVDs or flash drives can now be handled in a matter of days.

YOURlink Highlights

  • Rapid transmission of content to your vessels equipped with KVH TracPhone V7IP or V11IP systems
  • Viewable on common area TVs where crew gather during their off-watch hours
  • Great viewing experience, thanks to KVH IP-MobileCast
  • Support for any media file type
  • Reports show which vessels received the content and how many times it has been played
  • Easily add vessels to your distribution
  • Specify the start and stop view dates for each asset
  • No impact on your monthly data allowance
  • Affordable, pay-per-video pricing. Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a proposal.

A Powerful Benefit for Fleets

When Seaspan asked KVH to distribute a powerful 4-minute “culture of safety” video, we used YOURlink to transmit the video directly to 40 vessels around the globe. Without the first hours following delivery to the vessels, we were able to confirm hundreds of views by Seaspan crew via IP‑MobileCast.

“To get this video out to the ships would have taken at least a month if we had tried to use conventional means. With YOURlink, the delivery was almost immediate.”
– David Kramer, Seaspan Director of Procurement