mini‑VSAT Broadband

The most complete global maritime communications solution. From a single dedicated partner.

Welcome to mini‑VSAT Broadband – KVH’s new approach to maritime communications that gives you the power to deliver the bandwidth your operations demand, keep your crew happy, and manage your budget, all at the same time… and all from a single global partner dedicated to delivering what you need to be successful in today’s competitive global economy.

KVH delivers an end-to-end solution from hardware to content delivery with comprehensive support at each step of the way.

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Global Connectivity

mini‑VSAT Broadband – The No. 1 maritime VSAT network* delivers high-speed global coverage.
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With KVH mini‑VSAT Broadband, you’ll also find versatile airtime options that fit your needs and usage patterns, for whatever size or type of commercial maritime operation you manage.

Choose between our innovative enterprise-grade Open Rate Plans with “Business Class” prioritized service that deliver the fastest speeds on the network at every price point – speeds up to 15 times faster at lower prices; our Metered Rate Plans with low monthly commitments, or our Fixed-Rate Plans offering the certainty of a fixed monthly bill. No matter what size vessel you have or what your application mix, KVH can tailor the best airtime solution for you.

And, of course, affordable Voice over IP (VoIP) service that is always prioritized on the network to ensure crystal clear calls are delivered with every airtime package.

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mini‑VSAT Broadband – fast, secure, global connectivity delivered with flexible industry-changing airtime rate plans

Everything you need to stay connected

  • Peace of mind – secure communications for even the most sensitive data
  • The best value – faster speeds at lower cost – with no “bill shock”
  • The ultimate flexibility in rate plan and coverage selection
  • Open (OP) plans offer the highest data speeds on the network at every price point with unrestricted access to all applications
  • Usage transparency and no hidden service slow-downs — plus great new tools via the myKVH portal to manage onboard data usage and much more!
  • Investment protection and a smooth path to the future
mini-VSAT Broadband - Global Connectivity

"The mini‑VSAT Broadband service delivers reliable onboard connectivity for our business, and Internet and phone service for the crew – all at a price we can afford."

Jeff Schaal, IT Director, Sause Bros.

*KVH is the world’s No. 1 maritime VSAT supplier as measured by vessels equipped with mini‑VSAT Broadband service, according to NSR’s Maritime SATCOM Markets, 4th Edition, June 2016, and the COMSYS Maritime VSAT Report, 4th Edition, March 2015.

Onboard Hardware

TracPhone VIP‑series – Award-winning SATCOM systems with built-in network management.
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KVH has matched the premium quality of the mini‑VSAT Broadband network with three robust and reliable hardware solutions designed specifically for the mini‑VSAT Broadband network. A solution for every business need and size/type of vessel, all provide fast and easy installation:

The TracPhone V11IP, the world’s only C/KU-band maritime VSAT antenna for the ultimate in global VSAT connectivity, the TracPhone V7IP, an enterprise-grade, feature-packed Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna, and the TracPhone V3IP, the world’s smallest maritime VSAT antenna with faster data speeds and lower airtime costs than competing systems its size.

TracPhone VIP‑series – a full range of advanced SATCOM antenna systems designed and optimized for the mini‑VSAT Broadband service

VIP-series Antenna Systems

Flexible hardware options meet the needs of your vessel sizes and applications. Fully stabilized and tested to military quality standards, all VIP‑series systems offer a user-friendly browser-based system interface and an iOS app for easy system status, updates, system support, and more.

More About the Hardware

Integrated CommBox™ Modem - fully integrated network managment and system control in one box

Integrated CommBox™ Modem

The powerful Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) is the streamlined all-in-one belowdecks unit at the heart of every TracPhone VIP system, replacing a full rack of components required for competing systems.

"We chose TracPhone for the compact antenna design, affordable lease options, predictable airtime costs, and the support that KVH is known for in this industry."

Rolf Herheim, Technical Director, DSD Shipping


Industry Leading Content – Licensed news, sports, movies, TV, and music, plus training, weather, and charts from the industry leaders.

Your bottom line will benefit from IP‑MobileCast Operations Content

Your business is in constant motion – your vessels need to operate as economically as possible, on time, and in compliance with applicable regulations. Multicasting allows KVH’s IP‑MobileCast service to deliver gigabytes of operations data to ships at very low cost. Content from the maritime industry leaders in electronic charts, training programs, and weather data is delivered through the CHARTlink, TRAININGlink, and FORECASTlink services.

Your crew will love IP‑MobileCast Entertainment Content

IP‑MobileCast entertainment services include MOVIElink, TVlink, SPORTSlink, NEWSlink, EVENTlink, and MUSIClink, featuring daily or monthly refreshed content in over 14 languages that is broadcast to your vessel and stored on your TracPhone system’s Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) or the KVH Media Server. Your crew can access the content on a communal TV onboard or individually on their favorite personal device via an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi.

"IP‑MobileCast is really a huge step forward in feeling more connected to your family and friends at home and a true and new sensation of not feeling alone and disconnected from the rest of the world while sailing on the far side of the world."

Captain Ernst Spier, Iver Experience, Vroon

Content Delivery

IP‑MobileCast – Delivers operations and entertainment content directly to your vessel with no impact on your data plan or onboard speeds.

Delivering a Vast Array of Content Economically

Robert Hopkins, Jr., Director, IP‑MobileCast Services, KVH


Delivering a Vast Array of Content Economically

Robert Hopkins Jr., Director, IP-MobileCast Services, KVH

How It Works

In a maritime industry first, IP‑MobileCast utilizes multicasting technology, a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. The capability to receive KVH’s exciting IP‑MobileCast service is built into all TracPhone VIP systems, and can be easily added to older TracPhone V‑series products with the addition of the KVH Media Server.

IP-MobileCast multicasting technology
The old way...


Content is individually sent to each user on each vessel – each transmission requires a round trip to the cloud via a distant satellite, increasing billable data usage and burdening the satellite connection.

The innovative way...


Content is multicast once to all subscribing vessels and stored onboard for latency-free access by up to 100 simultaneous users. Does not consume vessel’s data plan nor can it harm onboard data speeds.

Watch On Any Device

Officers and crew love IP‑MobileCast. Everyone onboard has immediate, simultaneous, unlimited access to IP‑MobileCast’s news, sports, movies, TV, music, and training channels – on the messroom TV with their fellow crew members or by using their favorite personal device.Entertainment anywhere

"For me IP‑MobileCast is a miracle, and I never expected this was technically possible. I’d like to thank you and the company for making this possible for us."

Gert Reitsema, Master, Iver Exact, Vroon

KVH OneCare

Enjoy the industry's most comprehensive array of service offerings, together with a global team of experts.
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KVH OneCare spans the entire lifecycle of your mini‑VSAT Broadband solution, protecting your VSAT investment, minimizing your costs, and maximizing availability.

KVH One Care

"KVH OneCare goes to the core of being a maritime service provider with the "Power of One" – from one technology integrator to one equipment installer to one simple call for operating support should there be a problem."

Jeff Greer, VP Operations, KVH

The KVH Advantage

A new approach providing the most complete maritime communications solution available, and giving you the power to deliver the bandwidth your operations demand, keep your crew happy, and manage your budget, all at the same time… and all from a single global partner

How KVH’s Innovation is Enabling a Mobile World

Martin Kits van Heyningen,


How KVH’s Innovation is Enabling a Mobile World

Martin Kits van Heyningen, CEO, KVH

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