Tracking Avoidance Zones Overview

In an ideal installation, the antenna has a clear view of the sky in all directions and no other radiating equipment is nearby that can interfere with the satellite signal. However, such an ideal installation is not always achievable on a vessel, particularly on smaller yachts. Therefore, the system allows you to configure up to five tracking avoidance zones for areas where there may be blockage or RF interference causing marginal reception and intermittent antenna performance.

Whenever the antenna is tracking a satellite in the direction of a tracking avoidance zone, it will switch to a different satellite if one is available. An allowance period (1-60 minutes, selectable) precludes switching in cases when the antenna is simply passing through a zone while the vessel is turning. The system calculates how long the antenna will be pointing in the zone based on the vessel’s rate of turn. If the calculated time exceeds the allowance period, the antenna will immediately switch satellites, as long as there is an alternate satellite available in your service region.

Passing Through a Tracking Avoidance Zone (Example)